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Commissions Status: OPEN


Hello~! I'm Kaviix a Monarch Vtuber Illustrator with a passion of creating art and sharing it with my Kingdom and beyond.

I also possess a love for storytelling and character design (My OCs) as I love working on my comics on my free time!
Livestreaming allows me to mix Storytelling with my Illustrations as I can draw Live and also creative interactive stories like a visual novel game for my audience to enjoy~!

Contact me if you're interested in working with me!

[email protected]

Personal Illustrations Prices


Just the Character
Bust-up - 95€ -
Half-Body - 190€ -
Full-Body - 300€ -

Gore - +10€ -
Full Illustration with background - +400€ -

IMPORTANT: Before requesting a commission be sure to read the Terms & Conditions.
References must be provided Commercial Use email me:
[email protected]

Commercial Use Vtuber Prices

Vtubers I can do:
Females ; Males ; Androgynouss ; Chibi Animals


Half-body - 800+€ -
Full-Body - 1.000+€ -

Details of model:
You'll receive the .psd file as well PNG of the Vtuber, the model will come ready for rigging and it includes Blushing + Shadow face expressions.

The Prices are only base, if the character design is too complex the price will rise

+ Simple Expressions - +15€
+ Extra Acessories- +30€
(Must be requested before/during commission not after)

References must be provided
Commercial Use email me: [email protected]


Waist-up - 250+€ -
Full-Body - 500+€ -

Details of model:
When you request a PNGVtuber model, you'll receive two images, one neutral pose and the other character mouth open as if speaking for the reaction (the expression can be changed)

+ Simple Expressions - 5€
+ Complex Expressions (including body pose change) - 15€

References must be provided
Commercial Use email me: [email protected]

Patreon helps me give more time to my personal projects!
So if you're interested in seeing those please consider pledging to support me!

Projects on-going:


Clown's Joke story: Serial-Killer Gregory finds out about a circus of Freak Show in town. Being bored of killing "normal" people he looks to have some fun in that circus and reach his secret goal.

Cult of Memories story: Little girl wakes up in an unusual orphanage, as soon she realizes that she's part of a cult she tries to find a way out. But things are more complicated then they seem to be..
(Not Published yet, Work in Progress can be found on Patreon)


Speedpaints & Animations: I post Speedpaints occasionally and short animations.
However I'm looking in the future to do short episodes Animated of my webcomics series, like trailers, and also music videos with both hand drawn animations and also Motion graphic tweening animation on After Effects or Live2D.

With the help of Patreon I'll be able to hire assistance with my projects!

If you're looking for commercial use commissions please email me so we can discuss the details.


By purchasing a commission from me you agree to the following:

These Commissions can only be used for Personal uses [Cannot profit out of the commission] (If you want commercial use please email me at [email protected])
➤ As the artist I keep all the rights to the commission. [ This includes posting it online ]
➤ Neither the commissioner or anyone is allowed to trace or copy the art.
➤ Must be given credits to me if posted publicly
Paymment is made throught invoice Paypal only
➤ I have the right to refuse the commission
➤ If you change your mind I can refund 50% back to you during the sketch process. After that there is no Refund Since I already worked on it so far and took time for it.

How will the commission work?

The process of commission me starts by contacting me first; This can be anywhere from my socials dms or by email.
We start discussing what the commission is about and what you wish for me to draw, after to come to a conclusion Paymment will be made Upfront.
After the paymment is done, I'll start the commission and I'll be sharing three parts of it to be sure you're happy with it: Sketch / Lineart / Color base. Changes can still be made by the Lineart phase, but after that I'll only allow very small minimun changes on the illustration.
Once the illustration is finished I'll send you the illustration both PNG and JPEG files formats to your email..!
How long does it take?Depends, but on average a normal Illustration(or PNGVtuber) commission Takes about 2-3 weeks to finish.
However a Vtuber Model will take about a month to three months to finish depending on the complexity.
(Patrons have priority and also special discounts)

After all is done you have an illustration that you can frame or use it as your pfp in your social medias and more~♡!