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Majesty Illustrator with a passion for creating webcomics, character designs and art!
Contact: [email protected] if you'd like to work with me

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Personal Use

Half-Body - 400€ -
Full-Body - 500€ -
Detailed Design - +50+€
Gore - FREE
Full Illustration with background - +300€
Live2D Animation
Bust-up - 800€ -
Half-Body - 950€ -
Full-Body - 1100€ -
With background - +400€
Detailed design - +100€
IMPORTANT: Before requesting a commission be sure to read the Terms & Conditions.

Commercial Use

Vtubers I can do:
Females ; Males ; Androgynouss ; Chibis

Half-body - 850+€ -
Full-Body - 1700+€ -

Details of model:
You'll receive the .psd file as well PNG of the Vtuber, the model will come ready for rigging and it includes Blushing + Shadow face expressions..
The Prices are only base, if the character design is too complex the price will rise = If the character is chibi it's reduced the prices

CHARACTER DESIGN Price Base: 1500+€
Comes with basic character sheet
I work better with: Creepy/Dark/Horror/Cutesy/Vintage/Victorian/Royal/Cyberpunk/Steampunk
Type of designs!
> Please pick lvl of complexity details on your design from 1-3
(Model Kaviix is lvl 2, Model Yumi is lvl 1 for comparation)
lvl 1 - Charged 0+€
lvl 2 - Charged 40€+
lvl 3 - Charged 100€+
COMPLEX CHARACTER SHEET Price Base: 800+€Complex Sheet includes: 2 Cell Shaded Views Front/Back/Side + 2 Expressions and Details
Basic Sheet includes: Flat colors Front/Back View + Details

Clown's Joke
> Gregory an artistic mysterious Serial Killer who loves to create ART using corpses of his victims, decides to visit a small circus of Freaks where he finds interesting individuals, Do they hide any dark secrets or are they just innocent people? More Importantly...Why is Gregory joining the circus? _________________________________________ WARNING GORE【 Uploads Monthly 】

Patreon helps me to pay for my Clown's Joke Assistant as well as be able to upload more consistently!

- Clown's Joke [Status: On Going]
- Spiritual Rollercoaster
- Masquerade Fake Ticket
Royal Colours Universe
- Cult of Memories ( Work in Progress )
Magical disaster Universe
- Demon at your service, my King
- Ridiculous Greed
Sacrificial Blood Universe
- Far away Garden


By purchasing a commission from me you agree to the following terms:

➤ As the artist I keep all the rights to the commission. ( Character design rights are shared )
➤ Neither the commissioner or anyone is allowed to trace or copy the art.
➤ You, the Client, may display my work on external sites as long as it is visibly credited and linked back to me.
Paymment is made throught invoice Paypal only
➤ I have the right to refuse the commission
➤ If you change your mind I can refund 50% back to you during the sketch process. After that there is no Refund Since I already worked on it so far and took time for it.]
➤ I can post the commission publicly (unless discussed with the commissioner for NDA)
➤ NFT usage is strictly forbidden.

How to commission me?

When contacting me include:
➤ What kind of commissions it is
➤ Specify Commercial or Personal use
➤ Your character(s) reference(s)
➤ If character design please specify the level of details.
➤ Specify if its NDA or not (This means if I'm allowed to stream the commission, post it online, talk about it or not)
➤ Your Social media (in case you email me so we can continue convo there)
We start discussing what the commission is about Paymment will be made Upfront.
After paymment is done, I'll start the commission and share three part: Sketch / Lineart / Color base.
- How long does it take?
Depends, but on average a normal Illustration commission takes about 2-3 weeks to finish.
However a Vtuber Model (or Character design/sheet) will take about a month to three months to finish depending on the complexity.
Patrons have priority and also special discounts
- Keep in mind how long I take if you have a deadline. Because I do not do rush commissions.Any harassment in an attempt to bargain for a commission (a ‘slot’) is not tolerated. This includes inappropriately worded comments on my profile, as well as private messages. I reserve the right to place anyone on the blacklist over harassment.

WAITLIST - Commissions Active

Commissions info status:
They'll re-open in December with limited slots! Patrons will receive one come first extra slot


Commission Type/ProcessCommissionerSketchRenderingFinished & Delivered
[FULL VTUBER MODEL ]ChocolaceDoneDoneFinished!


Commission Type/ProcessCommissionerSketchRenderingFinished & Delivered
Slot 1 EMPTY    
Slot 2 EMPTY    
Slot 3 EMPTY ( only for Patrons )